Election législative 2016 - Les dirigeants appellent à l�??Unité nationale

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Election législative 2016 - Les dirigeants appellent à l’Unité nationale

Les dirigeants des deux principaux partis politiques ont fait appel à l’unité nationale et à la paix. Le chef de l’Alliance Démocratique Seychellois (LDS) Roger Mancienne, dont le parti a   Continue readig..... 

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Re: Eleksyon lezislativ 2016:

Post Sirop14 Yesterday at 9:49 pm


This morning Historic events, after near 40 years a big help if we had somebody we could dictate and the person would note/type and edit. We will try and do the best -


In the first place a very good Sunday to our Community and Families and the many church Institutions who have helped and worked relentless by our side for some 40 years to pray and bring about changes in Seychelles and the Indian ocean.


In as much as the social media have two side/aspect - the positive use and negative use - the many from our beloved nation, their respective comments and feeling, joy this Sunday morning - those who will be going to Church/Mass and special function and event.


President FA Rene and J A Michel did not build - take us this far on stupidity - meaning the need to be focus. As the Opposition get down to celebrate after 40 years of frustration, pain and suffering and great loss - some of these affecting these families and persons for life.


The Seychelles have become known and unique because of their understanding and way of appreciating things - From this protective that brought about those who have made that much effort to be their friend and work with them.


The monitors and Observers will soon leave our country and their report expected.


We listened to the speech of Mr Roger Mancienne Leader of LDS and President J A Michel and the media, nobody as much paid or gave credit to the EU Institutions for their unique role. Mr Christopher Gill should be aware and he has gone far too quiet. What really happened that got him to start that Political party of his and his mega battle and the boycott issues.


The confrontation revolved around abuse and corruption. In particularly that SIROP program today worth Some $5 billion how it energized a vast amount of our economic issues and the region and those who choose to invent and write false argument.


After the global meltdown in-spite of those who drummed Seychelles was doing exceptionally well on the back of that program and other important issues we manage. The USA/White House knowledge - we began pressing the EU high officials, for a small nation or Community in EU to write and state this, they must have very unique properties. Their respective reaction that things were not quite right in Seychelles and EU capacity. These sets of situation, pressure led Mr Pat Pillay Ex Minister to come forward and become engage - these began with the many broadcast about corruption and they were small corruption topics.


From this prospective and the view of the EU high parties and African Union that that SIROP program needed to be reworked and reappraised - the impact on EU, Russia and Africa Politic and Economy. the Momentum and synergy to/which drove, inspired former Minister Pat Pillay in his en-devours and aspiration. Leading in Particular to the Presidential election and the outcome and the subsequent Court debacle and media thematic.


Much more important in the back ground the many EU and Europe personalities who have in their diplomatic approach contributed and supported positive changes, Benchmark and the many thematic we have presented and addressed.


From this prospective and by all standard - it should have been mentioned in the speech of Mr Roger Mancienne and President J A Michel. Given that they have not we have written about it this morning and the world can read it if they so wish.


Way back in 1986 - Mr Gerard Hoareau was very much alive and the many Opposition factions lobby/argued for the best regional working of the Indian Ocean the EU best serve our purpose and objective and those who opposed and dislike our stand. Over the past 25 years EU very important contribution to our democratic process and many other economic and scientific issue.


We have also stated that SIROP program impacted and influence the Britexit debacle and argument and with a Britain out of Europe how we advance and rework those thematic.


There is a good percentage in Seychelles who understand and have studied the content of that SIROP program - then Cold War and today's global situation - what happened then was that those many leading EU and world heads of state took stock of the situation and put something very unique together which would impact the world fundamentally and now having it written and broadcast - the many covert aspects of that SIROP program - 25 years on, the world have changed a great deal and many of the objectives set not attained and the greed, and the corruption and the state of global politic and environment.


With the Opposite in the national Assembly their is no excuse for them not to set up a small committee and debate agenda how best the National assembly can become engage and involved - already President JA Michel have added and put in place many such committee well aware of those thematic and their receptive working. In the days of the old opposition in the Assembly their attitude and lack of information - they have a good deal to work with and chew. " It must be underlined the number of times we have communicated with the High Official of SNP that they do something, support our respective calls - the outcome instead - yet that program had provided some of the important cement which made SNP, SNP. Those who choose to ignore this - Mr Christopher Gill engagement, Event surrounding Mr St Ange his government appointment, then Mr David Pierre - those who battled that the current Opposition platform be such, Private meetings, dialogue - it would be madness and utter reckless those who may choose to ignore those events in setting out the business /priorities of the new Assembly ".


To maintain the positive image of the uniqueness of our nation working in the region and the world - the need to be honest and business like, Start - take the agenda and get the EU engage and committed - they have more resource and they do know what to do with. There is a mega debate about the future of EU and direction - a half educated person will soon note at the core of many EU important development have been much of that SIROP program in particular tho from France, Italy, Britain and the order of priority. The truth be told if France is in the current situation and the EU exile/refugees mega challenge it is that SIROP program functionality.


In as much that the British Seychelles political parties combine did not make much headway in this election they have a unique role and responsibility - those who knew and know our British community politic and that SIROP program.


The Chinese, Russian, India very aware of this Program capacity and ability to drive some of the world economic thematic and developments - We started this thread stating we would have been glad to have somebody to dictate and they edit and publish since we do not have this possibility, have taken the step and written what we have and publishing and sharing them here -


One final word there are vast world working our nation and even leaders do not know how they work and why - President Obama, the Seychelles Kenya friendship - you have kept your side of the bargain - the witnessing of the changes in that small, unique country and one of the important reason you were elected to that High Office, the Baobab Tree will smile- the need /requirement that this positive direction continue. Those in China, Russia, Gulf Region and African Union well aware.


Last those who have written about President FA Rene legacy and the current woes of President J A Michel government his philosophy and directive - Please take note, the EU is busted or near busted because of lies and the distorted values those leaders, media use to build this Europe - In Seychelles we are a small country almost like a small business - it would not be difficult to lay down the line of the fact and capacity of that program over the years and it role - there by not in 6 month the media and the people question their values and their foundation - unlike the Gulf Region, they can put into place a program and deliver in 5 years, we in Seychelles take 30 years and not event half way there. Other economic agenda erupts and distract and cause confusions and those who are not focus lose sight and become confused. The malfunction which ensues.

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