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State of the Nation 20.02.2020 - Regional Council election announced

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In Today's State of the Nation Address President Danny Faure announce the decision to allow Regional Council election in 2021


To be reminded the debacle of that SIROP program, our forum section on a Senate and 2016 y debacle of President J A Michel instead of creating a Senate pass the legislation for a Senate put forward the concept of a Regional council to be office in the former local Council buildings and they had one year trail

2020 State of the Nation Address by President Danny Faure


Photo Gallery following the State of the Nation Address by the President of the Republic, Mr. Danny Faure delivered this evening at the Seychelles National Assembly.


The full video of the Address can be viewed via the below Youtube link:

Setting up of Regional Councils | 21 July 2018

Empowering citizens and communities

We submitted six separate forms to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Committee 30/3/17

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We submitted six seperate forms to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Committee of the National Assembly 30/3/17 the 31th March 2017 deadline.

This Friday 31/3/17 we submitted 6 separate Forms to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission committee of the National Assembly, the land/property Judge EJ Stiven had legally gifted my person in writing and all those who knew of it event this past 25 years since the return of multiparty - On account we could not get a meeting before the deadline 31/3/17 - the Firm Rootes and Alliott - Folkestone who prepared our legal Aid and Judicial review papers for that £25 million damage/compensation case, 87a Victoria , Kilburn - Brent at the Royal courtly of Justice for that ~SIROP program and Judge Wolf did the review. The very important Britexit linking issues - Then Ambassador Radegonde and the President refusal to listen in spite of our protest his appointment - When things get wild what his office will say. The many issues we have address the European Court, the International Court and the Human Rights court. The Uganda Chief Justice, Judge Hodoul effort to Arbitrate in that SIROP program debacle - those Judges who impute in that program writing/setting up 1986/7 not the like of Sir George Souyave, those in Mauritius, the many in Britain, France and Europe Justice and yet - no/little wonder we landed in the first Kuwait Invasion and the second invasion and the Balkan wars - the dreaded state of thew world


Next to that old Seychelles Palais de Justice Building now refurbished and turned into the National Museum - the monument of Queen Victoria and the clock Tower. To note at the many images the SIROP website not image of the British Royal Family and yet their very important role in the Constitution and working of Britain. Instead we have uploaded this picture here, among the complexities of that SIROP program the high Interdisciplinary workings of the Royal and the public role, their marriage and the children they gave birth to and reproduced and our society and future world, beside the Royal families of Europe and other parts of the world - the British media, their official incomplete debate and presentation of the Britexit. ( we supposed next we will see one of those young Royal being courted by our Ambassador and we will be portrayed as a buffoon)

New Ombudsman sworn in

Sylvestre Radegonde : Le grand retour à la diplomatie

Following two recent pirate attacks off the Somali coast

UN says piracy has returned

Election législative 2016 - Les dirigeants appellent à l�??Unité nationale

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Election législative 2016 - Les dirigeants appellent à l’Unité nationale

Les dirigeants des deux principaux partis politiques ont fait appel à l’unité nationale et à la paix. Le chef de l’Alliance Démocratique Seychellois (LDS) Roger Mancienne, dont le parti a   Continue readig..... 

National Assembly election – September 8-10, 2016

National Assembly election - The 25 directly elected MNAs

Eleksyon Lasanble Nasyonal 2016 - Siporter LDS i selebre laviktwar zot parti

National Assembly elections in the Third Republic

Opinion - National Assembly Election ... as observed by Mancham

Comment -

Re: Eleksyon lezislativ 2016:

Post Sirop14 Yesterday at 9:49 pm


This morning Historic events, after near 40 years a big help if we had somebody we could dictate and the person would note/type and edit. We will try and do the best -


In the first place a very good Sunday to our Community and Families and the many church Institutions who have helped and worked relentless by our side for some 40 years to pray and bring about changes in Seychelles and the Indian ocean.


In as much as the social media have two side/aspect - the positive use and negative use - the many from our beloved nation, their respective comments and feeling, joy this Sunday morning - those who will be going to Church/Mass and special function and event.


President FA Rene and J A Michel did not build - take us this far on stupidity - meaning the need to be focus. As the Opposition get down to celebrate after 40 years of frustration, pain and suffering and great loss - some of these affecting these families and persons for life.


The Seychelles have become known and unique because of their understanding and way of appreciating things - From this protective that brought about those who have made that much effort to be their friend and work with them.


The monitors and Observers will soon leave our country and their report expected.


We listened to the speech of Mr Roger Mancienne Leader of LDS and President J A Michel and the media, nobody as much paid or gave credit to the EU Institutions for their unique role. Mr Christopher Gill should be aware and he has gone far too quiet. What really happened that got him to start that Political party of his and his mega battle and the boycott issues.


The confrontation revolved around abuse and corruption. In particularly that SIROP program today worth Some $5 billion how it energized a vast amount of our economic issues and the region and those who choose to invent and write false argument.


After the global meltdown in-spite of those who drummed Seychelles was doing exceptionally well on the back of that program and other important issues we manage. The USA/White House knowledge - we began pressing the EU high officials, for a small nation or Community in EU to write and state this, they must have very unique properties. Their respective reaction that things were not quite right in Seychelles and EU capacity. These sets of situation, pressure led Mr Pat Pillay Ex Minister to come forward and become engage - these began with the many broadcast about corruption and they were small corruption topics.


From this prospective and the view of the EU high parties and African Union that that SIROP program needed to be reworked and reappraised - the impact on EU, Russia and Africa Politic and Economy. the Momentum and synergy to/which drove, inspired former Minister Pat Pillay in his en-devours and aspiration. Leading in Particular to the Presidential election and the outcome and the subsequent Court debacle and media thematic.


Much more important in the back ground the many EU and Europe personalities who have in their diplomatic approach contributed and supported positive changes, Benchmark and the many thematic we have presented and addressed.


From this prospective and by all standard - it should have been mentioned in the speech of Mr Roger Mancienne and President J A Michel. Given that they have not we have written about it this morning and the world can read it if they so wish.


Way back in 1986 - Mr Gerard Hoareau was very much alive and the many Opposition factions lobby/argued for the best regional working of the Indian Ocean the EU best serve our purpose and objective and those who opposed and dislike our stand. Over the past 25 years EU very important contribution to our democratic process and many other economic and scientific issue.


We have also stated that SIROP program impacted and influence the Britexit debacle and argument and with a Britain out of Europe how we advance and rework those thematic.


There is a good percentage in Seychelles who understand and have studied the content of that SIROP program - then Cold War and today's global situation - what happened then was that those many leading EU and world heads of state took stock of the situation and put something very unique together which would impact the world fundamentally and now having it written and broadcast - the many covert aspects of that SIROP program - 25 years on, the world have changed a great deal and many of the objectives set not attained and the greed, and the corruption and the state of global politic and environment.


With the Opposite in the national Assembly their is no excuse for them not to set up a small committee and debate agenda how best the National assembly can become engage and involved - already President JA Michel have added and put in place many such committee well aware of those thematic and their receptive working. In the days of the old opposition in the Assembly their attitude and lack of information - they have a good deal to work with and chew. " It must be underlined the number of times we have communicated with the High Official of SNP that they do something, support our respective calls - the outcome instead - yet that program had provided some of the important cement which made SNP, SNP. Those who choose to ignore this - Mr Christopher Gill engagement, Event surrounding Mr St Ange his government appointment, then Mr David Pierre - those who battled that the current Opposition platform be such, Private meetings, dialogue - it would be madness and utter reckless those who may choose to ignore those events in setting out the business /priorities of the new Assembly ".


To maintain the positive image of the uniqueness of our nation working in the region and the world - the need to be honest and business like, Start - take the agenda and get the EU engage and committed - they have more resource and they do know what to do with. There is a mega debate about the future of EU and direction - a half educated person will soon note at the core of many EU important development have been much of that SIROP program in particular tho from France, Italy, Britain and the order of priority. The truth be told if France is in the current situation and the EU exile/refugees mega challenge it is that SIROP program functionality.


In as much that the British Seychelles political parties combine did not make much headway in this election they have a unique role and responsibility - those who knew and know our British community politic and that SIROP program.


The Chinese, Russian, India very aware of this Program capacity and ability to drive some of the world economic thematic and developments - We started this thread stating we would have been glad to have somebody to dictate and they edit and publish since we do not have this possibility, have taken the step and written what we have and publishing and sharing them here -


One final word there are vast world working our nation and even leaders do not know how they work and why - President Obama, the Seychelles Kenya friendship - you have kept your side of the bargain - the witnessing of the changes in that small, unique country and one of the important reason you were elected to that High Office, the Baobab Tree will smile- the need /requirement that this positive direction continue. Those in China, Russia, Gulf Region and African Union well aware.


Last those who have written about President FA Rene legacy and the current woes of President J A Michel government his philosophy and directive - Please take note, the EU is busted or near busted because of lies and the distorted values those leaders, media use to build this Europe - In Seychelles we are a small country almost like a small business - it would not be difficult to lay down the line of the fact and capacity of that program over the years and it role - there by not in 6 month the media and the people question their values and their foundation - unlike the Gulf Region, they can put into place a program and deliver in 5 years, we in Seychelles take 30 years and not event half way there. Other economic agenda erupts and distract and cause confusions and those who are not focus lose sight and become confused. The malfunction which ensues.

Appointment of Members of the Anti-Corruption Commission

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Appointment of Members of the Anti-Corruption Commission

Justice Gaswaga (left) and Mr Belle, respectively chairperson and vice-chairperson of the Anti-Corruption Commission


Fri, 05 August 2016


The Office of the President has announced that, following recommendations received this week from the Constitutional Appointments Authority, the President has appointed the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Members of the Anti-Corruption Commission, in accordance with Sections 6 and 7 of the Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2016.


The person appointed as Chairperson of the Anti-Corruption Commission is Justice Duncan Gaswaga, who has served the Judiciary of Seychelles, initially as a Magistrate and later as a Supreme Court Judge, between 2002 and 2013. He is currently a High Court Judge in Uganda.


Mr. Daniel Jacques Belle, who is an Attorney at Law, has been appointed as Vice-Chairperson of the Commission. Mr. Belle served as a Member of the Constitutional Commission which drafted the Constitution of the Third Republic, and also as a former Member of the National Assembly.


The other three Members appointed to the Commission are Mr. Hardy Daniel Lucas, Mrs. Priscille Chetty and Ms. Marie-Claire Elizabeth.


Mr. Hardy Lucas is a businessman, and a former Member of the Public Service Appeal Board, as well as a former Member of the National Assembly.


Mrs. Priscille Chetty is an Attorney and Partner in the Chetty & Hoareau Law Chambers of Victoria.


Ms. Marie-Claire Elizabeth has had a long career in journalism with the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation, and although she has retired from fulltime work, still contributes part-time as producer and director of SBC TV programmes.


One of the first tasks of the Anti-Corruption Commission will be to recommend to the President, in accordance with Section 19 of the Anti-Corruption Commission Act, the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer who will be responsible for implementing the decisions of the Commission, and for the effective management of the affairs of the Commission.


The decision to create an Anti-Corruption Commission was announced by President Michel in his State of the Nation Address in February 2016.


He declared that the Commission would have the powers to investigate, detect and prevent practices linked to corruption. It would also receive complaints against corruption and record investigations into allegations of practices linked to corruption in any Government departments and any institutions which receive funding and donations from Government.


The President repeated that Government would never tolerate corruption, and that it had already taken harsh measures where corruption had existed. He said that the new Commission would spearhead this drive relentlessly.

Anti-Corruption Commission members appointed

Ugandan Judge to head Seychelles’ first Anti-Corruption Commission - See more at:


Comment commet - Just a note Mr Daniel Bell who have taken to despising and hate our person was on about this morning with that infernal satanic rage/vibe, anti social communication, threatening, intimidating what he will do with my person/


Facebook Comment -

So much for Democracy, Justice ad Human Right - on Friday morning because of the situation in Seychelles with that SIROP program, France, Europe and Britain went and Sat next to that huge pile of Manure in Kent almost all Day and at the house the madness, all the Shrubs cut and the scaffold are coming - in Seychelles President JA Michel reaction. Those who think we should not post this issue they had better take their University education go and wipe the backside of pigs with or contact institution in Europe who work and study Such phenomena and working. - picture


Celebrating 40 years of nationhood the distortions and the lies of History

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Sechelles Seychelles celebrate 40 years Independence with

25,000/30,000 exile/refugees nobody,  none mentioned this.

Today Seychelles celebrates the 40th anniversary of its independence, the day the country ceased to be a colony of Great Britain. Independence Day on June 29, 1976 was the realisation of a dream of a group of Seychellois men and women who believed the country's destiny was the responsibility of the Seychellois people. The pioneers of the struggle for independence believed that it was the responsibility of Seychellois to ensure that one day all Seychellois would be able to live in dignity. They also believed that we as Seychellois knew what was best for our country, the aspirations of our people, and who were better placed to guide our development.

The road to independence however was not that easy as not all Seychellois at that time had the same belief, and not all of them had the confidence that Seychellois would be able to take the helm and rule their own country.

Today, 40 years on, it is with much pride that we take stock of what the country has achieved as a young nation. It is a time for deep reflection and soul searching and which we should use as a launching pad for the next stage of our development. As the country celebrates this milestone in our history, Seychelles NATION joins in the celebrations with this special issue and wishes everybody a Happy 40th Independence Anniversary.

It was also on June 29, 1976 that this newspaper got its name NATION and we will bring you a short history of the changes the oldest newspaper in Seychelles has gone through over the years.

Celebrating 40 years of nationhood Seychelles Nation version 

Q1: Was it important for Seychelles to gain Nationhood?

JRM: After British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan on a visit to South Africa announced on Mr ManchamFebruary 3, 1960, that the British government had decided to facilitate the move for independence of the colonies within its Empire, the United Kingdom government declared that it was committed to give effect to the ‘wishes of the colonial people’ and that those who wanted independence would get it. This sudden declaration obviously brought about internal debates within the remaining British colonies including Seychelles as to whether we should go for independence or not and if we do go for independence who will rule the country after independence?

Just around that time, Mr Ian Smith, leader of a political grouping of Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) declared UDI - i.e. Unilateral Declaration of Independence, which meant that the country had become independent without the consent of the majority people and without the agreement of the United Kingdom to become an independent nation. Obviously, Mr Smith and his supporters did not want a situation of majority rule in the country. Obviously too, Mr Smith’s action was condemned by the international community.

It was around that time that I returned to Seychelles where and when a group of planters and business people working under the aegis of the Seychelles Tax Payers and Producers Association thought that it was a great idea for them to follow the policy of Ian Smith and secure for themselves political control of Seychelles before the introduction of adult suffrage. It was at the time that I established a nationwide popular base by opposing UDI in Seychelles. We have also to bear in mind that at that time Seychelles was entirely cut off from the rest of the world. We were an isolated colony surviving on grant in aids from the United Kingdom which herself had become eager to shed its colonial responsibilities in order to facilitate her entry into the European Common Market. We had no airline connection and no airport.

Next door to us, we had the island of ‘La Réunion’ which France had declared to be an Overseas Department and where consequently our cousins, ‘les Réunionnais’ were enjoying the same level of social and political security as the people of metropolitan France. At that time too, we were seeing a situation within Africa and the Caribbean where independence had brought about internal turmoil as new leaders started behaving as leaders for life.

Against this background, I had thought that the interest of the average Seychellois people resided in maintaining our association with UK. But as we know, Mr F.A. René had a different view on the subject. The internal debate on the issue sparked controversies and left the nation sadly divided into two camps – one led by myself symbolised by the blue colour of the then Seychelles Democratic Party and the other one the red colour led by Mr René of the Seychelles People’s United Party.

Note - After 35 years of stressing, writing,  that there were alternative Force/political faction in then Seychelles who wanted an alternative Solution along the line of then Rhodesia and after 40 years we get former President Mancham mentioning them briefly here, nowhere in our hitory is this mentioned including British - in any other country the media and the public would have taken him to task and the social media. Those who stated formal request had been made to France for bilateral support/relation the reply had been negative - the use  French technicians/military expertise for the police and defence not the problematic common functioning then . Hence they got cold feet. The then French government had been warned of what was to come - Yet, those Technicians who were well aware of this position/situation. In Mauritius the ultimatum to the British goverment on BIOT runs out Thursday 30th June 2016 - the above said those from the Planters Association who had in part wanted a Unilateral Independence from Britian because of BIOT and not written in History like many historic events of Sechelles Seychelles. 

What he is not stating it the very large expat community their respective views on his person and politic and that of former President FA Rene - they were the investors, they represented the Small business we then had. They had travelled and were educated. 

This said our politic have been very dirty - there are very many other individuals who have contributed to our Nation  birth and existance nobody interview then and write about them. This is why we helped and drove the issues which helped and contributed to the global conectivity in information the WWW. Yet for the like of former president JR Manchan and President FA Rene it mean nothing.  Just one question all those very important politician and their Institution involved in that SIROP are they mad, they did exist and their life yet how the like of President FA Rene, his media and President J R Mancham comport and those he is involved with. Further more had we not written that SIROP program President Mancham fate - he would have rotted in exile and life in exile was not very great/nice those who knew him and took pictures of his plight and life style. 

‘Let us count our blessings to live in this beautiful country’

Seychelles independent from Britain … 40 years on

History of the Seychelles NATION newspaper

Independence Day - The struggle of a people

The band that orchestrated ‘En Avant’

Through the mists of history … Educational institutions in Seychelles


New office to assist and advise public

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Our two great/older Cousins who died with grief

because of our situation/plight,  had they been

alive would have requested they accompany us to

this new CAB to discuss our situation and find

solution - other Cousins in Sechelles Seychelles .

Beside Nan Jeanne,  Judge E J Stiven Estate.

New Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

to mark Constitution Day.

This Cross is situated  infront of the Cathedral of Angers - Loire, facing the  Bishop's residence 

The Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (CEPS) has officially opened a new Citizens Advice Bureau (CAP) to mark Constitution Day.

The bureau, which is located on the second floor of Orion Mall in Victoria, will primarily give advice to the public who need help in dealing with various situations of life.

The new CAP was officially opened by Vice-President Danny Faure and the chairman of the Family Action Team Linda Philoé Mellie from Mont Buxton, in the presence of the French ambassador to Seychelles Lionel Majesté-Larrouy, the chairperson of CEPS Jules Hoareau, Defence Forces representatives, among other guests.

The staff of the bureau will guide and advise members of the public on the best course of action to follow in a number of situations especially when procedures or choices are not clear.

Mr Hoareau stated that CEPS started to deliver such a service in May, to provide a much needed help to all citizens.


“Last year we did a forum and the citizens wanted to see an office that could guide them, along by giving them advice on how to deal with their problems. It took us eleven months to set up the office, and today we are officially opening it to bring this much needed service to the community. Since May we have had so many people who have come to us seeking for solutions at our office about employment or social issues,” he said.

VP Faure pointed out that such services will provide and educate the citizens, and guide them with better solutions, along with the necessary advice they will need to overcome their problems.

Fiona Lane from Moosa Lane was the first client who has benefited from the CAP services since the introduction in May.

“When I came to the CAP office in May, I was really in need of assistance. They assured me that everything will be okay, and just a few days later I started to get the necessary help from them, not financially but through donations. The CAP works well, it makes a real difference in the lives of people who seek assistance and advice on a range of issues,” she said.

The bureau will be open on Wednesdays from 9am to 5pm. The bureau’s telephone number is 4325550.

Tribute to the late Gerard Ah-Shung

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Mr Ah-Shung, who grew up in Mont Fleuri, was appointed the electoral commissioner in 1993 and served in this position until he was replaced by Hendrick Gappy in January 1999, after completing his five-year term.

Mr Ah-Shung was the first statutory appointment in the post since the new elections under the new constitution of the Third Republic of Seychelles. He occupied several posts in the government over the years.


Born on January 15, 1947, Gerard Ah-Shung left us at 11:45am on June 6, 2016 at the SeychellesMr Ah-Shung Hospital. He was 69 years old.

He leaves behind his beloved wife, Mona, and two sons -- Paul and Emmanuel Ah-Shung.

Mr Ah-Shung, who grew up in Mont Fleuri, was appointed the electoral commissioner in 1993 and served in this position until he was replaced by Hendrick Gappy in January 1999, after completing his five-year term.

Mr Ah-Shung was the first statutory appointment in the post since the new elections under the new constitution of the Third Republic of Seychelles. He occupied several posts in the government over the years.

He was the head of the Seychelles Central Bank’s Banking Supervision Department from 1988 to 1993 and from 1983 he served as the secretary to the Board of the Central Bank until he was later offered other positions both in the government and private sector.

John Hipwaye, a close friend and a working colleague of Mr Ah-Shung, worked together for six years in external audits.

“He was a very capable man. I and many newcomers learned a lot from him when we started auditing as he was always there to lend a helping hand. He was devoted and serious when it came to his profession so although he had a long- term illness it only affected his work during the last few months he was alive,” Mr Hipwaye said.

He said anyone who knew Mr Ah-Shung can say that he was easy going, very friendly, good at heart and very generous.

“He did plenty of voluntary work that I can’t even recall but I do know at one time he was the treasurer for Credit Union, treasurer of the Seychelles Karting Association and the manager of Rangers football club,” he said.

His wife Mona said: “He was a well respected man in the government as he served them very well.”

His son Paul said he was a good father to him and his younger brother and a very devoted husband to his mother.

The funeral service will be held on Monday June 13 at 2.30pm at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

Karting association mourns passing of treasurer Ah-Shung

Seychelles Revenue Commission

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