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Senate   {proposition - model  coi member state, Mauritius}

                                      bicameral Parliament - 2nd Chamber

We have been pleading - asking the many of you in Sechelles Seychelles with human resource and finance to set up proto Senate website for Seychelles . The reasons. 

We have signed an account with this company it is a USA company and the Colateral issues and will develop it as a proto website for a Senate in Seychelles. 

There are more greater evil going on under the sun - those who care about their country can help us. We will link it to site

Nous avons supplié - demandant à la plupart d'entre vous aux Seychelles Sechelles avec des ressources humaines et des finances de mettre en place le site web proto Sénat pour les Seychelles. Les raisons.

Nous avons signé un compte avec cette entreprise, il est une société américaine et les questions Colateral et le développer comme un site de proto pour un  Sénat aux Seychelles.

Il n'y a plus de mal plus en cours sous le soleil - ceux qui se soucient de leur pays peuvent nous aider. Nous allons lier au site


During the past 36 years of the Seychellois exile debacle we have been stressing to the USA, the UN, Canada, European Union, Commonwealth and the Francophone - we did not come from Mars, Jupiter or Saturn as they would like the world and humanity to believe.  Our ancestors and founding fathers came from Europe.  As such where they migrated some 500 years ago be it the New France - Canada, Quebec, the USA then, Latin America, Africa, Asia, North Africa, the Gulf Region the Social and due democratic institutions they establish to live and work under. 

Hence, between Sechelles Seychelles French Colonial indirect Assembly from then Mauritius, those appointed and elected to run the affairs of then Sechelles. As is the common practice, the clubs that get form, the association or gathering to debate, discuss oppose, contribute or bring about legislation and changes in the workings of those officially elected and appointed.  This existed until the capitulation of then Secheles Seychelles to the British and change of name of our Country and then Capital - L'Establiment due Roi. 

Again during the  150 years or more  of British Colonial rule how they suppressed many of the Founding fathers aspiration, culture and common practice,  the many who fled, took exile and migrated until our Independence  1976.  This did not stop, eradicate the freethinking of our ancestors, in the form of Seychelles Clubs, Tobruk clubs, charities - then Farmers Association and later Victoria district Council onto the first Assembly involving then Mr James Mancham, then Mrs Delhomme and her old Team and then Mr FA Rene.   The manner politic was being run and made in France, Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Latin America.  At the Constitutional debate and conference in London, then development in Rhodesia - had then Mr James Mancham, Mr FA Rene and the Grand Blanc faction which helped and contributed to formulating many of the process and events - insisted to Britain and the Commonwealth we wanted a bicameral parliament - there would not have been a coup d'etat and the sufferings the nation suffered until today.  The British and French Colonial attitude what do these Islanders know - at least they did not say people for Saturn,  Jupiter and Mars as they have been calling the exile/refugees the past 21/25 years.  We listened  to some of the debates and arguments by British Colonial officials.  There was an abnormal thinking process by all three leading Individuals and particularly Mr JR Mancham - it was to be their downfall. Those who sold and oversold the Cold War politic their arguments and management approach,  particularly the War and Military camps/interests and machines. Those who preach, believe and demanded total control, particularly of Small and developing, defenseless nations. 

Important exile aspiration

Counter coup d'etat and Military government in exile officials of former President  Mancham debated, deliberated and addressed the issues of  bicameral Parliament a lower and upper House., 1979 - 1991, London, British institutions opposed this and the Commonwealth. 

The Leader of the largest Opposition SNM/MPR  in exile Mr Gerrard Hoareau, his Executives, associates political factions  also  discussed and entertain the possibility, challenges  in the eventual change of government by a coup d'etat and military rule to introduce a bicameral parliament. 1981 -1984, London, British institutions opposed this. 

Ending of the Cold War

That SIROP combines program initiated in 1987, those involved in orchestrating and managing the changes in USSR, the COMECON, East Germany - the political and democratic vision of the future, anticipations and aspirations.  Leading to/that  in and across all of former COMECON, USSR and the Warsaw Pact former Nations and today the majority forming part of the EU and Russia Commonwealth have embraced and set in place bicameral parliament and democratic structures.  These Nations were better Communist in every thinking than Seychelles. 

Subsequently the impacts, events and development in Africa, the Gulf region, North Africa, Asia, Latin America the many nation with dictatorial system, government approach they have embraces bicameral parliament and democratic structures,  safe Sechelles Seychelles to this day. 

An important working and underpinning element, part of/for the democratic workings of that/future Seychelles development in that SIROP combined exile/refugee program was/calls for the implementation of a bicameral parliament and democratic institution in Seychelles.  Creating the due democratic dimensions required for all  and both extreme political thinking and aspiration - the former Communist/socialist and the former Democrats, Capitalists. 

On behalf of those 21, 000 exile/refugees and supported by the International community and EU been calling, lobbying and writing to the Oppositions, their Leaders since 1995 to work, strive and fight that such democratic national governing institutions  is set in place and get establish in Seychelles and due legislation with it. 

However, the majority of the Opposition for the past 21 years, who lack vision or drunk with revenge and greed have refused and fail the nation in this call as did then Mr J R Mancham, FA Rene and Mrs Hilda Delhomme in 1971 onward. 

As a result of pressures, impute and call of the Seychelles  exile/refugee communities across the world, our Diasporas, with solidarity and support of the International communities  and those individuals, Churches, Institutions, NGO's, Clubs, new Communities, Investors  in Seychelles - indications and goodwill have been signal by the ruling party and government for the past 4 years that a bicameral parliament is possible  and can be implemented in Seychelles - contributing to this nation unique role and workings in the Indian Ocean and Region - Africa.